Remodeling the arches

ROCHELLE — It’s being billed as an experience of the future, and it’s coming to Rochelle.

McDonald’s customers can expect to see changes inside and out at the Seventh Street fast food restaurant as the facility is undergoing some major renovations.

“There will be a new look to the exterior, new tiles, and a double drive thru,” said site superintendent Cory Laabs with Peter Schwabe Construction. “During the construction we will have on and off closures, which we will try to minimize.”

 Along with the exterior changes, customers will also see added conveniences.

“What we are doing is really showcasing with state of the art technology,” franchise owner Rosa Yunes explained. “This is going to be the experience of the future and I am very happy to share it with Rochelle.”

Yunes said the restaurant will offer digital kiosks with menu boards to allow customers to order to their liking. There will still be the traditional front counter as well along with optional table service.

Other changes include the Playplace. The facility will also be ADA compliant.

“We are taking into consideration all of our guests, from the parking lot to the restaurant, all having in mind our customers that have special requirements,” Yunes said. “The Playplace will be nicer, and have more interactive activities and games. The kids will have a little more exercise than just the slides.”

Construction crews were busy Tuesday morning pouring the foundation for the additional drive thru. Currently the restaurant is closed until early Thursday.

“We are adding a double lane for convenience, and more space in the windows where we present the customers’ food,” said Yunes.

Other conveniences customers can look forward to are the online ordering and curbside pickup.

“We are changing the overall experience of the restaurant — it’s going to be modern and comfortable. This is one of the first of its kind around here. It’s going to have a very different look, and we think Rochelle deserves that,” Yunes said. “We are proud to bring this to Rochelle at this point.”

Adding, “We are excited to say Rochelle is going to showcase the future of McDonald’s.”





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