Residents urged to clean up

Creston Village President Wayne Williams discusses the village’s efforts to have disabled vehicles removed.

CRESTON – Creston Village Board members are hoping to do some cleaning up around the village.
During Tuesday night’s monthly board meeting, board members heard from village building inspector Casper Manheim about efforts to have several properties in the village cleaned up. Manheim has sent letters to several residents who have had vehicles parked for an extended period of time with flat tires, reminding them of village ordinances, that the vehicles need to be moved.
“We still have a few letters going out for cars sitting with flat tires, one of them I assume may still be running but I am not sure,” said Manheim. “As well as a garage with a big blue tarp on it.”
Village president Wayne Williams is giving the residents until the weather gets nicer to move the vehicles.
During the Village Engineer Kevin Bunge’s report, there were a few topics that were brought to the boards attention.
Bunge discussed several topics at Tuesday night’s meeting.
The first one was getting the four quotes for the water tower inspection in written form for next month’s board meeting. The quotes range in price from $3,315 to $6,780. Some are noticeably more expensive because they would bring divers to go into the water tower.
“According to regulations, that tower is supposed to be inspected every three to five years,” Williams said. “And we are guessing that we had a visual inspection 11 years ago and that was it, so it is probably way past due.”
Other topics Bunge discussed were acquiring bids for a new auto switch water main valve and creating a new truck route ordinance.
Trucks have been driving down side roads, past the school instead of using Illinois Route 38. The village will be ordering and posting nine “no truck” signs and then will begin talking about creating a new ordinance that would only allow trucks to use side streets for local deliveries.

Old business
During last month’s meeting, board members discussed the current water and sewer rate and the need for an increase since there has not been any annual increase incorporated.
Board members discussed an increase of four-tenths of a cent per gallon of water used up from the previous rate, and then a three percent increase on the first of every year.
Board member Mike Kerns expressed concerns that there were already fees incorporated into the bill and wanted to make sure those fees were being put into the proper city accounts.
“There is already $20 to $25 in fees per water bill that is already built in, and it is pretty expensive right now,” Kerns said. “I would like to have a spreadsheet so I know where everything is going.”
The board instructed the village treasurer to make a spreadsheet before the next month’s meeting, outlining exactly where the funds are going.

New business
Board members made a recommendation for the village to purchase a backup generator for the city’s water pumps. If the pump was stationary and permanent, the city would need a permit for it but if it was a moveable pump on wheels the city does not need a permit.
Board members will discuss options for a backup generator before making a decision at next month’s meeting.


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