Rewarded for doing good

The Kitchen Table has received some very generous donations recently.
If you don’t know, the Kitchen Table is a pay what you can restaurant. It is located on Illinois Route 38 west of town, in what us old timers remember as the Klondike Restaurant - or parts of the Klondike.
My wife and I finally made it out to eat a couple of weeks ago and it was very nice — homey, welcoming and good food. I highly recommend experiencing the place.
Good news travels wide. The Kitchen Table will be featured on Mike Rowe’s Facebook show “Returning the Favor” on Monday, July 22 and that is pretty impressive.
So, congratulations to the Browns for making a dream come true and for providing delicious, quality food at a price all people can afford.
Speaking of food, Hot Dog Day was a lot of fun.  We passed out approximately 500 dogs at the Flagg Township Historical Museum.
Museum board member and retired Rochelle Fire Department chief Tom McDermott did the grilling, which on a hot day was no easy task. But the stars of the show were the high school students who volunteer at the museum. A big thank you to Miguel and Angel Cruz and Maddie Ohlinger who staffed the booth and Dakota and Willow Ames who provided support of all kinds.
I imagine some people will be biking or walking about town more with the increase in the gasoline tax.
I love the pedestrian crossing on Illinois Route 38 in front of the shopping center. It provides a safer place for walkers and bikers to cross a busy road.
There is one marked crossing, at the base of the overpass at Fourth Avenue. I think there should be one at 10th Avenue, especially during the school year when middle school kids are literally running for their lives across that street.  
I know it is a state road, but so is Illinois Route 38. If pedestrian crossings don’t make sense then I can accept it…I won’t like it, but can accept it. But if they do make sense, then why not work to get them in place?
Speaking of pedestrians, I cringe when I see people in dark clothing crossing Illinois Route 38 at night in the middle of the street. Why not walk to the corner where there is a light and cross where people can see you? Just wondering.

Terry Dickow is a retired elementary school teacher with lots of opinions, some you will like, some you won’t. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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