Rochelle Fire crews called for water rescue

ROCHELLE — The Rochelle Fire Department was called for a water rescue at Lake Sule shortly after 3:30 Tuesday afternoon for a 69 year-old windsurfer that had been having difficulty returning to the pier due to strong winds.

He had been attempting for almost 20 minutes before his wife phoned for help.

Rochelle Fire Chief Dave Sawlsville said by the time emergency responders arrived, the man had drifted to a rock wall area on the far northern end of the lake.

“The wind kept pushing him in the wrong direction and he couldn’t make it back to the shore. He had been struggling for about 20 minutes…we made voice contact with him and had a rescue boat en route,” Sawlsville said. “The winds pushed him to the edge where there is a rock shoreline.”

Sawlsville said the man suffered minor scrapes when exiting the lake, but refused medical transport by ambulance that was also on scene.



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