Rochelle Football Parent Group offering Hub stencils

The Rochelle Football Parent Group will be painting Hub stencils this summer to raise money for the RTHS football program. (Courtesy photo)

Funds raised help support RTHS football program

ROCHELLE — Driveway Hub stencils have been found around Rochelle since the early 2000s. That nearly two-decades-long tradition won’t be stopping anytime soon, as the Rochelle Football Parent Group will once again be providing stencils for local families this summer.

The Rochelle Football Parent Group will be painting stencils for $20 this summer, and families with an RTHS graduate who still want to support the Hubs can purchase a stencil for only $15. Families with older stencils can pay $20 to have them repainted to look brand new. Families can contact Lisa Eichinger (630-901-6548) or Carla Myers Lloyd (815-761-2987) to be put on the painting schedule, which group member Kerri Villa-Nantz said will be set up in the near future.

“We hope to start setting up our schedule soon,” Villa-Nantz said. “Even though it’s a bit uncertain what will actually happen to the season, we are football parents so we are staying positive and moving forward with the hope that our boys need the extras that the group provides... Of course, we will be practicing social distancing while we paint.”

Funds raised from painting stencils help provide the RTHS football program with many of its amenities including its year-end banquet, senior gifts, gameday snacks, extra meals and more. Villa-Nantz said that nine local businesses helped donate meals to the team this past season, and although some have committed to donating more this year, the parent group is preparing for less donations overall because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Feeding an entire football team is pretty expensive,” Villa-Nantz said. “The boys really enjoy the Thursday night meals. Great local food and team bonding makes for a great night before game day. Although we have some businesses still committed to helping again this season, with all that is currently happening, we just don't expect full donations again, and that’s where the funds raised from these stencils will certainly be needed.” 


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