Rochelle Police warn of scam in area

ROCHELLE — The Rochelle Police Department is warning residents of a scam hitting the area after an incident on Monday. This time it also involved theft.

Information regarding the incident was posted on the department’s social media page.

Reportedly, a local resident was asked to go with the subject to talk about the neighbor’s fence. At that time another person entered the home where upon they stole items from the resident.

The police are advising residents if they do not know the person or didn’t call them to not allow them into their house. Also, they say not to leave doors open or unlocked while outside with the person.

Solicitors are required to carry identification and have a city permit.

Police chief Eric Higby said the department has seen these types of scams before.

“It can happen to anyone who is distracted or trusts that the person at the door has a legitimate purpose to be there,” Higby said. “Many times the offenders will try to distract the homeowner by asking them to accompany them to the back or front of the residence while an accomplice enters from the opposite side.”

Higby said residents can protect themselves by keeping people they don’t know out of their house. He also said residents should not exit their home for someone they do not know.

Higby added that if someone questions, “do you live alone,” or “do you have a dog,” they should not be answered.

“Residents are urged to call the police if they are suspicious of someone who is at their door,” Higby added.

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