Samo writes book

ROCHELLE — Rochelle resident Tina Samo speaks about her book recently published, titled, “Estella — A Modern-Day Story of Esther.”

In her book Samo relates the story to young orphan Esther, who found herself in a beauty contest to become the next queen of Persia, questioning what the story would look like today. Samo poses the question of “what relevant issue would Esther face in today’s culture? How would God use her for a time such as this?

Samo said this book has a study portion in the back, ideal for a small group study.

“I wrote this book because we often think that Biblical events don’t relate to us today; however, there are timeless lessons and truths contained in these books that we can apply to our lives,” Samo said. “I am hoping youth groups and young adult groups might find it a valuable Bible study.”

Samo is currently writing her third book.

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