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From left, Lincoln Manor residents Nanci Flynn, Sam Oymaian and Jane Kreider.

ROCHELLE — It’s a school assignment that is reminiscent of days long ago when handwriting letters was the norm. In this day and age of digital communications, students at Kings School and Lincoln Manor are now becoming pen pals.

The first batch of letters drafted by the student council at the school arrived Monday and the senior citizens were thrilled. Many recalled the days of having pen pals themselves.

“It’s fun, and we are excited to get their letters,” said Lincoln Manor resident Loretta Holtman. “And my letter is from Loretta.”

Holtman smiled as she talked about sharing the same name as her pen pal, Loretta Atkinson, at Kings School.

“I had a pen pal when I was in Girl Scouts,” recalled senior Nancy Flynn. “My pen pal at Kings School is very articulate. I am really looking forward to writing back.”

Kings School teacher Jeannette Mingus said the idea for the assignment came during a special visit the student council made to Lincoln Manor a few months ago. During the December visit, the students made holiday crafts and played Bingo with the seniors.

“Mrs. Scotlyn Schabacker and I thought it would be a great way to boost writing skills in our building,” Mingus explained. “We started with the Student Council and are hoping to build this project next year to include additional students and perhaps seniors from other facilities.”

“I think it’s wonderful, they have such sweetness in their hearts,” said Lincoln Manor resident Sam Oymaian. “The students have visited us, had lunch and cooked for us. They’ve also done crafts with us and we really enjoy it.”

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