Shine a light

ROCHELLE – Rochelle Municipal Utilities plans to shed some new light on the downtown area and gazebo in the coming weeks.
The RMU Electric Department was installing new streetlights around the gazebo Thursday morning and plans to install more in the surrounding downtown area for future events.
“We are installing new street lights in the downtown area and at the park for future festivals,” said Troy Mowry, RMU electrical crew leader.
The new lights are being installed for both functional purposes and as part of the city’s efforts to update the downtown area. The lights around the gazebo will be finished soon, and are just one of the additions the city has planned for the park surrounding the gazebo.
“The lights at this location will be finished this week or early next week and there are plans to put in new landscaping soon, but that will be a different division,” explained Mowry.
The downtown gazebo and park are located on Main Street, just south of the fire station entrance across Fifth Avenue.


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