Skare Park mitigation project underway

ROCHELLE — Construction has begun with mowing and removal of shrubs in Skare Park as part of the Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District’s mitigation project.
Removal of invasive and non-native trees will begin the week of May 14 and restoration of the stream itself will commence shortly thereafter. The trails through the construction area will be closed for safety reasons until construction is completed and all heavy equipment is removed from the site.
The project, which is being undertaken by Land and Water Resources, Inc. under an agreement with the park district, will restore more than 50 acres of the site including restoring Deer Creek which traverses the site from East to West. The creek was straightened and channelized in the mid-1900s and this project will re-meander the creek to approximate what it would have been like prior to straightening.  
Instream habitat will be installed and the entire length within the park, which is approximately a mile, will be stabilized.

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