Speech team takes first at 15 school competition

Nauman named Speaker of the Week

ROCHELLE — The Rochelle Township High School Speech Team recently competed in the Lena Winslow Invitational and walked away the team champions in the 15 school field.
Individuals who earned finalist honors included:
Varsity Division
Baxter Konstans, Dramatic Interpretation, first place
Cara Forsberg, Radio Speaking, first place
Ava Coglianese, Special Occasion Speaking, first place
Faith Worthington, Impromptu Speaking, second place
Cara Forsberg, Informative Speaking, second place
Megan Thiravong, Radio Speaking, second place, Extemporaneous Speaking, second place, and
Humorous Interpretation, second place
Maggie Duval, Oratorical Declamation, second place, and Original Comedy, second place
Bella Nauman, Oratory, second place
Morgan Haas, Oratory, third place
Lilly Weston, Extemporaneous Speaking, third place
Caitlin McMurray, Informative Speaking, third place
Mikayla Preston, Dramatic Interpretation, third place
Ariel Zuercher and Mikayla Preston, Dramatic Duet Acting, third place
Lilly Robertson, Poetry Reading, fourth place
Paul Swartz, Special Occasion Speaking, fourth place
Baxter Konstans, Humorous Interpretation, fifth place
Morgan Haas, Oratorical Declamation, fifth place
Faith Worthington, Oratory, fifth place
Ava Coglianese, Original Comedy, sixth place
Baxter Konstans, Prose Reading, sixth place
Novice Division
Paul Swartz, Extemporaneous Speaking, first place
Bella Nauman, Oratorical Declamation, first place
Katie Henson, Impromptu Speaking, first place
Layla Pelan, Poetry Reading, first place
Jenn Heinrich and Katie Henson, Dramatic Duet Acting, first place
Logan Popp, Oratory, second place
Layla Pelan and Jazper Murray, Humorous Duet Acting, second place
Faith Lohse and Ella Seebach, Dramatic Duet Acting, third place
Jazper Murray, Humorous Interpretation, fourth place
Speaker of the week is Bella Nauman.


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