Speech team takes first place at Lena-Winslow Invitational

ROCHELLE — This past Saturday the Rochelle Township High School Speech Team competed in the Lena-Winslow Invitational.  The team captured first place among the 16 teams competing.
Speakers of the week are Maggie Duval (varsity) and Ariel Zuercher and Heidi Cruz (novice).
Individuals who earned finalist honors included:
Varsity Division
Mallory Leininger, first place, Original Comedy
Nephy Valle, first place, Special Occasion Speaking
Cara Forsberg, first place, Informative Speaking
Jessie Ellis, second place, Dramatic Interpretation
Annette Gonzalez, second place, Informative Speaking
Judy Fulgencio, second place, Poetry Reading
Cara Forsberg, second place, Radio Speaking
Angela Zamarron, third place, Poetry Reading
Charlotte Laukel, third place, Special Occasion Speaking
Lauren Ponto    , fourth place, Prose Reading
Nick Whisman, fourth place, Extemporaneous Speaking
Nephy Valle, fourth place, Oratorical Declamation
Maggie Duval, fifth place, Oratorical Declamation
James Hart, fifth place, Radio Speaking
Mallory Leininger, fifth place, Humorous Interpretation
Nick Whisman, fifth place, Impromptu Speaking
Ande Madsen, sixth place, Extemporaneous Speaking
Ava Coglianese, sixth place, Special Occasion Speaking
Eli Ball, seventh place, Radio Speaking
Novice Division
Candace McMurray, first place, Dramatic Interpretation
Caitlin McMurray, first place, Informative Speaking
Angela Zamarron, first place, Original Oratory
Morgan Haas, first place, Special Occasion Speaking
Megan Thiravong, first place, Humorous Interpretation
Faith Worthington, second place, Impromptu Speaking
Megan Thiravong, second place, Extemporaneous Speaking
Alex Smith, second place, Dramatic Interpretation
Ariel Zuercher and Heidi Cruz, third place, Dramatic Duet Acting
Heidi Cruz, third place, Dramatic Interpretation
Lauren Ponto and Candace McMurray, fourth place, Humorous Duet Acting
Ariel Zuercher, fourth place, Oratorical Declamation
Morgan Haas and Sarah Does, fifth place, Humorous Duet Acting
Faith Worthington, sixth place, Original Comedy
Aiden Seldal, sixth place, Original Comedy

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