Spreading encouragement

ROCHELLE — Students in the HUB Project’s K-Kids club surprised their schoolmates with some notes of encouragement and positivity earlier this week.

The group hand wrote cards and on post-it notes, leaving them on the lockers for everyone when they arrived at school. K-Kids advisor Elisa Rubeck said the project was well received by all.

“Over the course of the year, the goal of K-Kids is to serve our school, community, and world. I thought the locker notes were a fun idea to serve our school and encourage positive talk,” Rubeck said. “All of the kiddos were so excited Wednesday morning when they arrived at school to find a special note on their locker. My hope is that this activity encourages our students to share positive comments with their peers and realize that even a very small act of kindness can make a very big difference.”

The club has met monthly, with the last one scheduled for May 1 where they will celebrate with a pizza party. Rubeck said she is looking forward to working with all of the students again next year.

“I am so pleased with everything the K-Kids have done throughout our first year together,” she said. “I hope to have meetings twice a month instead of once a month as we did this year.

K-Kids is sponsored by the Rochelle Kiwanis Golden K.

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