Standing water on area streets

Engineering and Street Department crews identified localized flooding on several streets in the Rochelle area following recent rain. 

Tim Isley, Supt. of Streets and Cemetery, said the areas experiencing flooding include Turkington Terrace, McConaughy Street, Caron Road and Creston Road east of Rochelle.

"With the heavy rains we experienced overnight along with the ground being unable to soak up any rain due to the frost in the ground, all the water is running off and going directly into the stormwater system and creek. At this time the creek is starting to drop; however, more rain is expected tonight and we will continue to monitor the creek level and roads for standing water.

City engineer Sam Tesreau indicated closures and/or advanced warnings are being issued throughout the city.

"I anticipate the Kyte River to crest later this evening if the rain holds off," he said. "With the warm up in temperatures and rapid snow melt the tributaries are seeing an upsurge in flow and runoff from the adjacent fields and other areas."

The city is reminding the motoring public to use caution in the affected areas and use an alternate route around the flooded areas or roads that are closed. 

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