Steward tradition continues

STEWARD — The Village of Steward held its Arbor Day Celebration at Steward Elementary School on April 26.
Hugh McKiski, village president, read his proclamation for Arbor Day. Trees reduce erosion, cut heating and cooling costs, moderate the temperature, clean the air, produce oxygen and reduce carbon, provide habitat for wildlife, increase property values, enhance economic vitality, and are a renewable resource.
Karen Bonnell, chairperson of Steward’s Tree Advisory Committee, presented the program. She showed a short video from about Arbor Day’s new initiative, “The Time for Trees.” By the year 2022, Arbor Day’s 150th anniversary, the goal is to plant one hundred million new trees and inspire five million new tree planters. The positive environmental impact of these trees will be phenomenal.
At the Arbor Day Celebration, students discovered that trees are good for more than the environment — they also stir the imagination, as Kathryn Aalto points out in her book “The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh: A Walk through the Forest” that inspired the Hundred Acre Wood. As a young boy, AA Milne was allowed to roam Ashdown Forest near London with his brother, Ken, which they did for hours. Talented in many areas, Milne settled into being an author. He was known for his contributions to Punch, a humor magazine where he later became editor.
When his son, Christopher Robin Milne, was young, AA Milne wrote his Winnie the Pooh books. These books are listed on the all-time top 10 in children’s literature. You don’t know where a walk in the woods can take you.
Steward has been named a Tree City USA for the 15th year. Because of its Tree City status, the village was given copies of the Third Edition of “Under the Canopy: Creating Personal Greenspace” to distribute. Not only did each Steward student receive one, but copies were shared in time for Arbor Day with the following schools: Creston, Eswood, Kings, St. Paul, Rochelle Middle School and with Rochelle Township High School horticulture students.
This brochure contains information on selecting, planting and caring for trees in Illinois.
Steward urges all people to be involved in helping our environment and feeding the human soul by planting trees.


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