Support for Biden's infrastructure plan

Dear Editor,

President Biden has rolled out an infrastructure plan that would provide much needed roads, bridges, water and sewage piping and upgrades to schools. In addition, it would provide reliable internet for rural areas —something Mount Morris lacked and publishers moved out of town because the data for photos was too much for the system to process.

Paying for this program would involve raising corporate income taxes.  Something that Biden and the Democrats believe is fair since, unlike the rest of us, 50 major corporations paid zero dollars of income taxes last year.

Now the GOP led by Senator Romney (Utah) and Senator Caputo (W.V.) has decided rural areas don't need internet service. And that road building and repairs should be paid for by those who use them the most — people in rural areas. That's us folks. We're to be stuck with the bill. Not the wealthy corporate executive types.


Pam Farris



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