Tanker fire extinguished

ROCHELLE – A close call was averted when a truck carrying 300 gallons of jet fuel caught fire at the Rochelle Municipal Airport Tuesday morning. When firefighters arrived, airport staff was trying to stop the blaze with fire extinguishers.
“Within three minutes of our arrival we were able to get some water on it and it died down,” said Fire Chief Dave Sawslville. “By the time we arrived the fire had already blown out the front and back windshield of the truck, and the fire was mainly in the cabin. So, we were able to get water right in to the front seat and control it.”
The fire was contained in the engine compartment and cabin of the truck, keeping the flames from reaching the tanker carrying 300 gallons of jet fuel. The truck was a total loss, but fortunately there were no injuries or other damage.
“There were no injuries, no damage to any property, and no leaking of any hazardous chemicals,” said Sawslville. “But another three or four minutes could have been a different outcome.”


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