Teachers say goodbye to students

LINDENWOOD – As a way for its staff to safely say goodbye to its students as they head into summer, Eswood Community Consolidated School held a drive-by goodbye ceremony out front of the school. 

School staff members stood out front of the school on Thursday, May 21 from 10 to 11 a.m. as students and families drove by waving out their windows, holding signs and honking horns. There was no specific start time for the event, as families could drive by anytime between 10 and 11 a.m. to say goodbye to the staff.

Vehicles started on Galena Street, drove down Main Street past the school and ended at the post office. While the school was unable to hold a large in-person event inside the school, this was the next best way to honor its students.

“This whole parade is for the students,” said Marge Smith, mother of a student and volunteer at the school. “To honor them and give them a farewell, since the restrictions prevented us from holding a big celebration.”

silly string

As cars drove by, staff members lined the sidewalk in front of the school waiving at the vehicles. Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lange was even holding a big handmade heart and shooting silly string through the car windows.

The students, families and staff members all enjoyed coming together and seeing each other for the first time since the school closures. The school would like to remind its students that they are all in this together and will hopefully be back in the classroom very soon.

“I would tell all the students to stick to what they are doing and hopefully we will be back to normal sooner than later,” Smith said. 


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