Thankful for our library

I am thankful for our library. Over the years, I have met many individuals at the library who need help in some way. Many times, we see patrons who are looking for books or magazines on a subject. We see others who are signing up for unemployment, needing to email something, want help with their computer, need a printer or a warm place to stay for the day. People need services and we are thankful that we can be a reliable resource in our community. Enhancing patrons’ lives through resources and effective communication is the key. We are thankful that we live in a generous community where we all help and learn from each other and our diverse situations. Below are five reasons why some people around the country say they are thankful for libraries.

Reason one: I save money. "My library card is the only card I have that really saves me money! I save hundreds, if not a thousand, dollars a year! Between the books and movies we check out and the seed library, we save tons. Now, if I could only remember to take full advantage of the library, that would save us even more.”

Reason two: I have access to resources. "I love my library for myriad reasons. Lately, I have been most excited about the fact that I can read The New York Times every day, for free, through Delta County Libraries' website."

Reason three: My privacy matters. "Libraries and librarians have actually been bastions of privacy warriors. They defend people's rights to privacy, like protecting your right to check out materials and your reading history, keeping them private.  Also, the interlibrary loan system is awesome. Support your local library!”

Reason four: I love books! “What I love about my library is the books it contains that free your mind from current life events, and spin you into another world. Oh, the things you can learn just by picking up a non-fiction book! And now the library has joined the wonderful Marmot world which allows you not just use of your local library, but all other libraries that carry books our local one doesn't.”

Reason five: I value the summer reading program. “The summer reading program encourages people of all ages to read. It is a fond memory of mine growing up. I love participating with my own kids now.” (

We have over 60,000 volumes in the library but at this time of year one section of our non-fiction is very popular. The cook book section! We have a large variety of cookbooks for all occasions but the holiday ones are the most popular.  Thanksgiving is a time when families get together and cook traditional family recipes. Many families have recipes that are made each year to enhance the holiday meal. If you look in the 641.5 Dewey Decimal number you will find all of our cookbooks. Our mouths water when we look at all of the spectacular recipes and determine what will be on our holiday table. Family traditions are important and bring us back to a simpler time when we remember relatives past and present who made an impact in our lives. 

Come in and see all of the materials and services that we have available. We are thankful for our community and our patrons. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Flanagan is the library director of the Flagg-Rochelle Public Library District.


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