Thanksgiving and farm bureau perks

As I write we sit just a few days from Thanksgiving. I hope all of you have plans to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the holiday.

For many Christmas is THE holiday of the year, and well it should be, but for me I’ve always held a special place for Thanksgiving. Over the years I missed a few Christmases at home, but never a Thanksgiving. That was the one time we all knew the whole family would be together.

Of course the meal, in particular for me, the fresh baked pies were always a draw.

So whatever holiday is your favorite, be sure to enjoy this one.

IFB credit card

Farm bureau members across Illinois now have access to a new way of promoting agriculture and ag education. The IAA Credit Union, an Illinois Farm Bureau affiliate, has introduced the new Illinois Farm Bureau Visa card.

Members can now apply for the new Illinois Farm Bureau Visa card and show their support for ag education. Programs like the Ag In The Classroom will receive a direct support payment through the IAA Foundation each time you use your new Illinois Farm Bureau Visa card.

The card offers members no annual fee and no minimum finance charge. The new card offers competitive rates based upon credit approval and low transaction fees on cash advances.

Members should contact the Ogle County Farm Bureau for IAA Credit Union application for the new Illinois Farm Bureau Visa card or contact the IAA Credit Union at 1-800-676-2541.


The fall and winter seasons offer many of us the opportunity to get going on a few of those fixer-up projects around the house. Of course interior painting is one project that is perfect for this winter season.

Now, Farm Bureau members can not only get going on their painting project, but save money while they are doing it!

Farm Bureau members get a 25 percent discount on all items, excluding duration paint, at all Sherwin-Williams stores. Sherwin-Williams has been a recognized industry leader for decades delivering the finest quality products and services available in the home repair and construction industry.

So if you’re getting ready to start planning, or to get busy, on that painting project be sure to stop in at your local Sherwin-Williams store to see how they can help, and to save yourself some money!

Sales tax

I receive several calls a year inquiring about the sales tax exemption on farm equipment. Here’s the wording direct from the Illinois Department of Revenue.

The farm machinery and equipment exemption applies to purchases of farm machinery and equipment used or leased for use primarily (more than 50 percent of the time) in production agriculture or for use in state or federal agricultural programs; the exemption also applies to repair and replacement parts for qualifying machinery and equipment. Excluded from this exemption are motor vehicles required to be registered under the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code. 

To document tax-exempt purchases of such items, retailers must keep in their books and records an exemption certificate containing the seller’s name and address, the purchaser’s name and address, an identification or description of the items purchased, a statement from the purchaser that the items are being used primarily in production agriculture or in a state or federal agricultural program, and the purchaser’s signature and the date of signing. Purchasers may document their tax exempt purchases either by completing Form ST-587, Machinery and Equipment Exemption Certificate, or by making their own certificate. A copy of the certificate must be provided to the retailer. For more detailed information about this exemption, see 86 Illinois Administrative Code 130.305.

“Thanksgiving is an emotional time. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they see only once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often.” -Johnny Carson

Ron Kern is the manager of the Ogle County Farm Bureau.


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