TIF agreement amended

ROCHELLE — The Rochelle School District 231 Board of Education approved an amended Northern Gateway TIF Agreement with the City of Rochelle during its monthly meeting at the Rochelle Middle School Media Center on Tuesday. The approval came after rescinding the original agreement, which was approved during the May board meeting.
The amended agreement removes language that would’ve allowed local school districts, including 231 and 212, to contest the TIF as a whole if the city did not issue bonds. Superintendent Jason Harper said he received notice from City Manager Jeff Fiegenschuh that the agreement passed in May was “unsatisfactory” due to the bond language.
Without an agreement in place, Districts 212 and 231 would not receive any new tax revenue generated off increased EAV in the TIF district for the next 23 years.
“The city has no intention to issue bonds, so the language allowing school districts to contest bond issuances will be removed since we have no intention to contest anything,” Harper said. “The amended agreement is essentially the same as the previous agreement, except the provision, that neither Rochelle school district had interest in exercising, will be eliminated.”
The District 231 Board of Education approved Kevin Dale, who will officially become district treasurer as of July 1, to have signing authority on both the Rochelle Grade Schools account and the Board of Education account. The board also approved a 45-cent hourly raise for concertified staff members, as well as administrator contracts and the amended FY19 budget.
HUB Project
The board approved three contracts for Seth Gittleson, Breynn Biaocco and Yensy Garcia to remain site coordinators for the district’s HUB program this coming school year.
Additionally, the board approved the contract for Jodee Craven to continue operating as the HUB program’s grant evaluator.


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