Timing is everything

Timing is everything in life.
I missed the Big Boy. I could not help it, I could not see it.
I hope it was a great experience — a once in a life time experience even — for those of you who did see it.  
Summer is almost over. I can tell, because the city street crews are painting crosswalks and other lines around the elementary schools. School can’t be far off. There are plenty of back to school sales, so parents, take advantage of the low prices.
And sweet corn is back. Yum, yum, yum.
I dreaded the start of school because of the heat. Back in the day, schools were not air conditioned. In fact, not all schools are air conditioned now. Ask a child, they will tell you which ones are not.
Three of Rochelle’s elementary schools have geothermal cooling: Lincoln, May and Central. I always thought Tilton and the middle school would be great buildings for erecting solar panels to provide cooling and heating in the classrooms.
There might even be grants for the solar systems. Yes, it would still cost money, but if there is an ability to cool and heat the buildings using solar energy, there might be savings in the long run.
Sometimes I am terrified to be on the highway.
Not because of my driving, but because of the other people on the road.
I am especially concerned about drunk drivers. It seems every week in the police reports there are multiple arrests for people drinking then driving.
Stories of people driving the wrong way down a divided highway just unnerve me.  
So, will it be worse once marijuana is legal? I hope not, but I fear the worst.
If you see a school bus stopped with its red lights flashing and the stop arm out you must stop. It’s a state law. Don’t be a name in the police reports. Drive smart.
I was helping with summer lunches at Cooper Park a few weeks ago when a young man on a bicycle discovered he had a low tire.  
I seem to recall that Oregon has a bike air station down by the depot, now a museum, for people to air up their tires.
I don’t know how much those systems cost, I imagine they are not cheap, but it would be great to have one or two along the bike path for people to air up tires. Cooper Park, with the amazing new Kids Ground, might be an ideal spot.
Good luck wishes go out to the 400 members of the Illinois National guard unit being deployed to Afghanistan. Stay safe, my friends.

Terry Dickow is a retired elementary school teacher with lots of opinions, some you will like, some you won’t.  He can be contacted at [email protected]


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