Vejseli’s story a horror and a miracle

Rochelle Township High School graduate and soccer standout Teki Vejseli spent weeks in a hospital overseas battling COVID after traveling to attend his grandfather’s funeral in North Macedonia.

On New Year’s Day Shannon Halligan aired a story for WGN News about former Rochelle resident Teki Vejseli who granted the interview as he fought for his life, a patient at Acibadem Sistina Hospital in Skopje, Macedonia.
A soccer standout in high school who has remained very active, Vejseli traveled to North Macedonia last month to attend his grandfather’s funeral. He was supposed to be back at home here with his family on Dec. 27 to ring in the New Year, but those plans changed once he contracted COVID-19.
The virus viciously attacked his lungs. He developed pneumonia before his lungs hemorrhaged. He flat lined twice. His medical team worked frantically to revive him.
“I was dead two times. My oxygen (levels) dropped and my lungs gave up,” he said via Facebook messenger. “I am very fortunate to be alive. God has given me a second chance.”
Vejseli’s roommate was not as fortunate.
“That gentleman was my roommate for three days. He died right before my eyes,” Vejseli said.
The horror of all the deaths he witnessed has taken an additional toll.
“It haunts me. I can’t sleep and I wake up screaming. Please share my story and photos,” he said. “I hope it makes a difference and can save some lives.”
Vejseli does not know where or how he picked up the virus, but the previously healthy, active 35-year-old wanted to share his experience because of the fury with which Coronavirus attacked.
“My lungs are ruined,” he said, “and I don’t want to see anybody else in a hospital bed.” 
He says he has been traumatized by the experience, but knowing he has the support of his hometown fuels his recovery every day.
He is slowly regaining his strength. Having twice tested negative for Covid now, Vejseli arrived back home Jan. 13 in the Rockford area with his wife and three young children.
You can watch Halligan’s WGN report at:

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