VIEWPOINT: Get out to vote

Elections are on my mind.
Obviously, April 2 is a big one for us locally.  The mayor’s spot and council member’s seats will be voted on by in town residents.  Funding for the building of a proposed recreation center will be voted on by all people in the Flagg Township. Most of you know I support the center.  It is not a cure all for attracting new residents, but it is part of the bigger puzzle.
Yes, we need more shopping opportunities.  Another grocery store would be nice, although I did not shop at Sullivan’s as often as I could have.  I suspect I was not the only one who didn’t give them a lot of business.
Bits of the puzzle are in place– great schools, a local hospital, access to two major interchanges, safe streets, lower tax rates than DeKalb and Sycamore, lower housing costs than Naperville.
A rec center with an indoor pool could be the deciding factor for a family with youngsters when it comes to locating to a new community.
The park district has a couple of more meetings on the issue.  I encourage you to go, ask questions, and see the upsides this project could have on the community.
The League of Women Voters has a candidates’ forum planned to give voters a chance to learn about who wants to fill those city government seats.
Remember to vote.  
Just read Rep. Tom Demmer’s newsletter. Maybe I got a little confused, but in one part he said that Gov. Pritzker had not given any details about rates for a proposed graduated income tax in Illinois and in another part Demmer said he was opposed to the graduated tax.
Illinois is one of eight states that has a flat rate income tax. Thirty-four other states have a graduated tax.  
If it works in so many states, why wouldn’t it be good for Illinois?
Our current governor is a billionaire.  Our previous governor was a multi-millionaire.  I honestly believe those who make millions need to pay more of a percentage in income tax than a person making minimum wage. 
Pritzker did release details of the rates in a Thursday news conference.  Look at them and decide, lawmakers.  Don’t just say no.
I can feel spring… I can almost smell it.
I won’t miss the cold and the ever blowing wind.
Farewell winter.  RIP.

Terry Dickow is a retired elementary school teacher with lots of opinions, some you will like, some you won’t. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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