Village drainage issues top priority in Creston

Village president Wayne Williams, center, listens to trustee reports during Wednesday evening's board meeting at village hall. Village attorney, Russ Crull, left, and clerk Deanne Haub also pictured.

CRESTON — Looking ahead into the new year, Creston president Wayne Williams is hoping to start a couple projects as early as spring.

“There were some things we didn’t get accomplished last year. The sanitary sewer rings did not get resealed, hoping to start that in spring,” Williams said. “Another fire hydrant that didn’t get replaced still needs to be done. Those along with the drainage problem going across the field will need to be addressed.”

Village officials talked about the current drainage issue, which appears to be a blocked field tile just south and east of town along Woodlawn Road. The exact cause has not been determined. Village maintenance employee Curt Loyd explained he tested the water flow for chlorine, which would pinpoint the village’s water system as the source, but that came back negative.

The village received a good audit report for the fiscal year 2018 from Tom Winebaugh, although he did make a recommendation of possibly adding another financial officer to oversee checks and balances.

“We will have to look at a third person doing those checks. But overall I think the report was pretty good,” Williams said.


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