Village of Creston trustees meet

CRESTON — Village of Creston trustees met Tuesday evening, and although the only motions approved were bills and minutes from February’s meeting, there were several discussions including the continued cleanup efforts around the village.

Trustees acknowledged many properties previously notified last August have not complied. Village inspector Kip Countryman will be revisiting the properties to see if they have been resolved.

Village engineer Kevin Bunge recommends the village purchase one fire hydrant to have on hand in case of an emergency, along with two types of valves needed for the repair. Bunge said the price would be $2900 to $3,500, depending on the valve used and if the water system would need to be shut down for the installation.

Village maintenance supervisor Curt Loyd said the emergency generator’s pump is currently being repaired, at a price estimated between $1,500 and $2,000. He also received an estimate to have the generator completely serviced including oil change and filters at a cost of $4,172.

Trustee Greg Hopkins, filling in for Village President Tom Byro, said the village received a letter from Ogle County Solid Waste Director Steve Rypkema. In the letter Rypkema restated Creston trustee’s position regarding the landfill issues. Rypkema also said it is necessary the landfill operator fulfills the contract to replace and reline the portion of the landfill as previously agreed to.


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