Village of Progress seeking contributions for day camp

OREGON — Since the Village of Progress began services to Ogle County adults with developmental disabilities VOP has offered some form of summer camp experience to the men and women enrolled in the programs.
In the 1970s and 80s VOP scheduled week long residential camps at Stronghold and LOMC. In the mid 1990s it changed from a residential camp to a format offering day trip activities throughout the summer.
The 2018 Day Camp Program will allow Village of Progress consumers to participate in outings which may include activities such a boat ride, field trips to areas of interest, cookouts, etc.
For more than 40 years the summer camp offerings have provided consumers a social, recreational and learning opportunity not otherwise available to most of the individuals who participate. For many consumers, the VOP day camps are the only “vacation” they will know.
The Village of Progress allows an average cost for consumer participation of $65 per day camper and is requesting community support to help with the funding of this long running recreational experience.
Anyone wishing to make a contribution is asked to mail their gift to Village of Progress, Box 418, Oregon, 61061. Any contribution to the day camp program, regardless of the amount, will be appreciated.

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