Wrestling Club: Junior Hubs grapple in Rockford, Naperville

Xavier Villalobos declares victory during the Naperville Wrestling Club Invitational on Sunday. (Courtesy photo)

Marruffo wins first-place title at DeKalb Open

ROCKFORD — The Rochelle Wrestling Club had two grapplers take home first-place finishes from the Rockford Bad Boys Open on Friday, Dec. 27. Senior Division wrestler Kaiden Morris and Bantam Division wrestler Brantley Koenig both won their respective brackets.

Four Rochelle kids competed in the Tots Division including Lennox Ordaz (1-1) who placed second in his bracket. Silas Alsop (1-2) and Nehemiah Andronic (1-2) each finished third while Felix Belmonte took fourth place. Two Bantam Division wrestlers participated including Koenig (3-0) and Teddy Millard (1-2) who placed third.

Three Intermediate Division grapplers finished fourth in their brackets including Axel Alsop, Montana Contreras and Aidan Lopez. Boone Alderks (1-2) took third in the Novice Division for Rochelle, while Brenden Voight placed fourth. Morris (2-0) and Weylin Nay (1-2) represented Rochelle in the Senior Division, with Nay taking third place in his bracket.


Over 20 Rochelle Wrestling Club members competed in the Naperville Wrestling Club Invitational on Sunday, Dec. 29. Bantam Division wrestler Quentin Ansteth and Senior Division grappler Kaiden Morris both went undefeated to bring home first-place titles in the tournament.

Four Tots Division kids participated including Elliot Huff (1-2), Phinehas Nadig (1-2) and Nehemiah Andronic (1-2) who all took third in their brackets. Lennox Ordax placed fourth. Ansteth (2-0) led Rochelle in the Bantam Division, while Elijah Nadig (1-1) and Brantley Koenig (1-1) each took second in their brackets. Garrett Miller and Lindzi Kirk both finished fourth.

Zachary Johnson (2-1) was the high Intermediate Division wrestler for Rochelle, taking second in his bracket while Aidan Lopez (2-1) finished fifth. Benjamin Nadig (2-1) and Roman Villalobos (2-1) both placed second in their Novice Division brackets, while Boone Alderks (2-1) took fifth.

Morris (3-0) led Rochelle’s six Senior Division grapplers on Sunday. Tommy Tourdot (2-1) took second in his bracket while Weylin Nay (2-1), Grant Gensler (2-1) and Xavier Villalobos (2-1) all finished third. Joseph Nadig (1-2) placed fourth in his bracket.


Tots Division wrestler Chase Marruffo represented Rochelle in the DeKalb Open on Sunday, Dec. 29. Marruffo went 3-0 with two pins to take first place in his bracket.


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