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Foundation for Focus House receives donation

Cheryl Lynn Eich, of Rochelle and Ashton, passed away on March 13, 2015 and designated in her will that the Foundation for Focus House receive a generous donation for use in programming.

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Tree sales begin Friday

There’s nothing quite like the fragrance of a freshly cut Christmas tree. With the holiday season just around the corner, the Knights of Columbus will be selling trees outside the St. Patrick’s Center located at 903 Caron Road in Rochelle.

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Serenity Hospice Hosting author Tom Zuba

Serenity Hospice invites you to join us for an informative, humorous and thoughtful program if someone you love dearly has died or if someone you love – a family member or friend – is learning to live with the death of a loved one.

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Les & Les are more for the Lincoln Building

Are you ready for apparent contradictions? For openers, the next show in the Fifth Fridays tradition is a Saturday. November 18 to be exact. The musicians are Les (Floto) and Les (Wilson), but they promise more music than you have possibly ever seen in two musicians at one show.

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Giving back to foundation

Giving back to foundation

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Clues celebrating 65th

ROCHELLE — Ike and Rosie Clue will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

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Putting a face on opioid addiction

News stories paint a similar picture of the opioid epidemic sweeping the country, from the staggering statistics to law enforcements’ efforts to curtail the issue. While some only view from a distance, others see firsthand how it affects their loved ones, including one local resident. Known as “Luanne’s” grandma, the Rochelle resident shared the heart-wrenching story of how heroin led her granddaughter down a path of destruction.

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Overdose calls becoming more frequent for first responders

The opioid crisis is no longer in someone else’s backyard and communities around the country are coming to grips with that, including Rochelle. Dave Sawlsville, Rochelle Fire Department Chief, said there has been a significant increase in opioid overdoses in Rochelle. The numbers started climbing about four years ago and now, on average, the department responds to two or three overdose calls each month.

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Crisis mode

Communities across the country are seeking ways to combat the growing opioid overdose epidemic and Ogle County and Rochelle are no different.

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