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Does ancestry make a difference?

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) revealed with great fanfare the results of her DNA test this past week, and it turns out she’s 1/36th Cherokee. I mean 1/512th. More accurately it was 1/1024th. President Trump brushed off immediate calls for him to pay her $1,000,000 (he had previously promised to pay $1,000,000 to charity if she proved she was American Indian) but he essentially said “Who cares?” And really, who cares? ... more

Wants Kinzinger out

This midterm election is one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime. Voters 55 and older, in particular, should be concerned about: Shoring up social security, rising drug prices, Medicare funding, Medicaid, health insurance and healthcare costs, lower retirement taxes, more help for care-givers, and fixing pension shortfalls.... more

Legislation would reduce property taxes in Illinois

Legislation would reduce property taxes in Illinois... more

Wants better representation

Wants better representation... more

Columnist shares thoughts on local happenings

Enjoys hay bale creativity.... more

Ever been part of a revival?

Pastor urges people to find truth in their spiritual lives.... more

Contemplating how money is spent

I can’t help but contemplate why a man would spend $150 million of his own money to run for governor, but then engage in a scheme to short the taxpayers of Cook County out of $300,000 by having the toilets removed from one of his mansions?... more

State budget hearings set

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is seeking input on public education funding for the fiscal year 2020 budget.... more