Health, home, purpose and community

At Rochelle Community Hospital, we know that your health is very important. But what does being healthy mean? In order to feel your best, you need your mind and body to feel good. ... more

Don’t say there’s nothing to do in Rochelle

How many times have you heard or said, “There’s nothing to do here?”... more

Police shouldn’t be able to lie

Imagine living in a place where police can detain children and lie to them to obtain confessions for crimes they did not commit. ... more

William May was arguably the greatest athlete to come through RTHS

William May was arguably the greatest athlete to come through Rochelle High School. In the area of track, there is no argument. Possibly someday he may be inducted into the High School Athletic Hall of Fame.... more

Letter: A thank you for my birthday celebration

Rochelle Tres Dias group is known for bringing good news to the community as part of their ministry. But this is the first time Tres Dias reunion attempted to add joy to a young man turning 80 in a wonderful way. ... more

Letter: How ‘Iron Joe’ came to be

Many in Rochelle may not know the story of how the community came to have “Iron Joe” or the Iron Fountain, currently located in front of the Flagg Township Museum.... more

Letter: City opposes closure of coal-fueled plants

For more than 100 years, the City of Rochelle has operated a municipal utility committed to providing energy to its residents and businesses. Because of an unrelenting commitment to providing low-cost, reliable electricity, we oppose the proposed mandated, premature closure of coal-fueled plants currently being discussed in Springfield, which would cause drastic economic damage to our city.... more

‘A flag folded 13 times’

I have certainly been thinking over the past month mainly about the American flag and the 13 folds. While many people enjoy the three-day weekend, spending time camping, grilling out or even time-honored traditions like the Indianapolis 500, Memorial Day is much more than that. ... more

Farmers and property taxes

“I'm proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is, I could be just as proud for half the money.” – Arthur Godfrey... more

Beating the heat in Rochelle

I always wonder about the accuracy of thermometers. One electronic sign on a bank had 91, another 93, my car read 92 and one in a shopping center said 94. Whatever the number, it’s hot and uncomfortable.... more

Letter: Thank you, Mrs. Anonymous. You’re the best.

The other day, while in my driveway, a jogger stopped by and asked if I was still collecting bottle caps for the RTHS Key Club bench program.... more

I understand Lightfoot’s policy, but I don’t like it

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot landed in a maelstrom of controversy last month when she said she only would allow “journalists of color” to interview her for pieces about her first two years in office. ... more

Where Rochelle’s fish used to spend their winters

When I first started working at the library almost 20 years ago as a part-time clerk, we would have classes come and tour the library at the end of May to get students prepared for our summer reading program.... more

Letter: 'The joy of living in Rochelle’

On a Sunday afternoon, our doorbell rang. Upon opening the door, I saw two small girls standing there with bright smiles on their cute faces.... more

The home builder and his huge impact

I enjoy when people comment on a column. One person said I made a major omission when talking about homes in Rochelle.... more

Reflecting on my first two years as mayor

My mayoral term is now two years into a four-year term. That is hard to believe, as I think about where the time went.... more