Letter: Support for the spending bill

Congress is working on a spending bill that currently proposes including dental care, glasses and hearing aids for Medicare patients. It is also contains monthly payments of between $250-300 for children under age 18 to parents for their food and clothing. ... more

The Civil War cannon

A Civil War veteran stated, “The farther I get from that war, the more terrible it seems. I tremble sometimes when I think of the hardships and dangers we went through. We are keeping up the organization, but realize we cannot do so long, so we have left as a monument one of the cannons, the like of which was used with such deadly effect in the struggle we went through.”... more

Reflecting on a successful job fair

As I begin this article, we here at the city are just following up on our recent hiring event held Thursday, Sept. 16 at Rochelle Township High School.... more

Letter: We're missing Biden's support for ending the filibuster

Since the 2020 presidential election, state republicans have passed 31 voter suppression laws in 18 states across the country. And there will be more coming out of GOP-held state legislatures before the end of the year unless congress acts swiftly to protect our voting rights. ... more

Letter: Let's strengthen our power grid

We must do more to strengthen our power grid against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.... more

Let’s keep theater alive

This is a commercial. Unlike television, you can’t fast forward.... more

The painful legacy of a crime covered 31 years ago

I find myself grieving for someone I’ve never met every Sept. 17 — for the past 31 years.... more

Laura Fessler devoted her life to giving

“I am woman, hear me roar.” Before Helen Reddy sang these words in 1972 there were women making their voices heard.... more

The Delos still stands in Rochelle

How did one of the oldest buildings in Rochelle become two of the oldest buildings in Rochelle? The Hotel Delos has existed in one form or another for over 168 years.... more

Change starts or stops with you

I can hardly believe it is already September.... more

COVID-19 is still with us

This week the Illinois Department of Public Health identified several Ogle County schools as COVID-19 outbreak sites.... more

A look at the workforce shortage in Illinois

Leann Fox would seem to have most everything a small business owner would want: loyal customers, an established location and a recognized brand.... more

Fall into a good book

“Fall into a Good Book” at the Flagg-Rochelle Public Library District. The library has many new fall titles that might interest you. If you come to the library, remember to bring your library card and wear your mask. Masks are required.... more

Citizen’s Academy as community outreach

This fall, the City of Rochelle kicked off our first-ever Citizen’s Academy, a 10-week course aimed at introducing residents to city staff and the functions of each department.... more

Don’t be a litter bug

Reader Kathie suggested we go back to “Don’t be a Litter Bug” campaigns. The amount of trash along the roads seems to be getting worse.... more