Farm-related stress and mental health

Farming is a challenging and sometimes dangerous business. Weather, machinery, logistics and livestock can cause difficulties within a day’s work.... more

Festivals, Hickory Grove and a daycare update

I hope this column finds everyone doing well and enjoying our first taste of spring for 2022. ... more

Why not grow our own companies?

Illinois’ 20-year dalliance with Boeing came to an end this month, with the corporate behemoth announcing that it is picking up and moving from Chicago to a Washington, D.C. suburb.... more

There’s that summer weather

There it is – there’s that summer weather.... more

Norm Skare and an oasis of wilderness

At the end of the 1800s, John and Martha Skare moved from Norway to the United States of America. They finally settled in Rochelle where they raised their family.... more

My how times change

In a few days I will be attending my 40th Illinois Farm Bureau County Managers Conference.... more

Letter: Happy Mother’s Day

My mother was like most mothers. She was warm, kind, caring, loving, protective, generous and always worried about my sister and I.... more

Be curious, not judgmental

Passover, Ramadan and Lent all came to an end during the past few weeks and I’ve found myself thinking of the oddest thing: a cow.... more

Amazed by distracted driving

I sure love a good Russell Crowe movie.... more

Letter: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month and considering all the violent events of last year and so on, CONTACT wanted to reach out to let everyone know there are resources and help available; we are just a phone call away. ... more

Twitter: The alleged free speech platform

Lately we have been privy to exhaustive discussions about Twitter, who is buying it, what he plans to do with it and whether it is truly a bastion of free speech. ... more

Farm input prices and their bottom line effect

There was much consternation this past winter concerning farm input prices and their bottom line effect on farm income. I will share with you an AFBF Market Intel report that does a great job of explaining the correlation.... more

When in doubt, side with free expression

Our society has developed quite a bit of consternation over folks who kneel on football fields.... more

That is a bold look

I could only sit and try not to stare. If I had made eye contact with the guy, he would have seen the look of utter shock and horror on my face.... more