Life can be a linguistic minefield

I purchased a new bicycle for my 12-year-old daughter this month and received a tongue lashing from a salesperson in return. ... more

Winter is a period of downtime, but farmers aren’t staying idle

As snow blankets our frozen fields, winter is a time of reflection for farmers. ... more

Inviting students to help revive our democracy

Senator Paul Simon was keenly aware of the endless challenge and enduring opportunity to revitalize our democracy and strengthen our communities.... more

2023 legislative priorities

We are full-fledged into the new legislative year with all of the elected legislators now seated. So the work begins now as we plod through the mountains of bills and issues that those in power can dream up.... more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We love reading at the Flagg-Rochelle Public Library District. Patrons come into the Library and choose books from authors that they love.... more

Letter: Law non-enforcement

This is in response to Kurt Wolter’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 25 issue of the News-Leader which offered the opinion that Sheriff VanVickle should enforce the new restrictive gun law and it was not his purview to not enforce the law.... more

Meteor, right?

There has been a long history of strange lights in the night sky surrounding Rochelle.... more

The American dream and the game of Monopoly

The game of Monopoly illustrates a key fact about wealth and poverty. ... more

Letter: Concern with sheriff’s stance

I was concerned to read in the Jan. 18 edition of the News-Leader that Ogle County Sheriff Brian VanVickle sided with a large group of other Illinois county sheriffs to make a semi-confusing statement essentially announcing they have decided to not enforce portions of a recent Illinois law. ... more

Politicians wearing uniforms

“We don’t make the laws we just enforce them.” Such statements have become nearly a cliché in police departments across the nation. But the statement is not always true.... more

A new year and broadband

Turning the page and onto a new year. I could gaze into my crystal ball to see what 2023 holds, but that usually leads to speculation and unfortunately I’m a realist. Seems to eliminate problems that way.... more

Early transportation history

Transportation technology involves human-built systems that move people and cargo over and under the land, through the air, over and under water, and through space. ... more

Consider this: Congress

Metal detectors were removed from the entrance to the House of Representatives Chamber in Washington on Jan. 3 of this year to little fanfare. This is something to think about.... more