Annual meeting and gas prices

The Ogle County Farm Bureau has announced that they will host their annual member meeting on Sept. 8 at St. Mary’s Community Center, in Oregon.... more

Staffing decisions guided by strategic priorities

Earlier this summer our mayor and city council met with staff to work on a new set of goals related to our city’s strategic plan. ... more

There is little sympathy for a rat

On July 25, a giant inflatable rat rose 15-feet in front of Staab Funeral Home in Springfield and a woman came out of the business and repeatedly stabbed the rodent with a knife.... more

Holding bullies accountable

I have never been a talk radio fan. Even when it was at the height of its popularity I stayed away.... more

Climate change: What is it?

The term climate change has been bandied about by the media, politicians and environmentalists for several years.... more

Pal’s Perspective: Before the overpass

I was looking for a word to describe Rochelle and its past the other day. And I came up with the word “unique.”... more

The history of the library’s pet show

Summer has been so much fun at the library! ... more

Support your local teachers

Why do teachers get so little respect in this country? Frankly I am tired of it.... more

Letter: More concerns than the economy

In Sunday’s column Scott Reeder seemed to indicate that the economy is the only issue that will send people to the polls, dismissing the likelihood that the recent decisions and direction of the Supreme Court might also be a concern to many.... more

The fair is here

The Ogle County Young Leaders Committee will be hosting an educational and interactive booth at the fair to help promote grain safety awareness. ... more

Funding poses a threat to democracy

Two of the biggest contributors to hard-core, Trump-supported candidates are not who you might guess: Gov. J.B. Pritzker and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.... more

Keeping my eyes to the sky

I have always loved UFOs and aliens and all things little green men from another planet.... more