Letter: Response to flag redesign column

This is in response to Mr. Scott Reeder’s editorial in the Rochelle News-Leader on March 19 disparaging the Illinois state flag as a reason to create a new design. ... more

Letter: Waddle for high school board

I support Jacob Waddle as a school board candidate for Rochelle Township High School D212. ... more

State lawmakers closer to bridging gaps in coverage for dental procedures

As president of the Illinois State Dental Society and a pediatric dentist, I am thrilled to see that dental insurance reform legislation is gaining traction in Illinois. ... more

Progress and the sacrifices we make for it

Imagine, if you can, this scene from about 50 years ago. You pull into a gas station, where you’re greeted at the pump by an attendant who fills your tank, washes your windshield — even checks your oil, coolant and tires if you wish. You pay him and drive away, all without leaving the comfort of your car.... more

Letter: I support Pemberton for elementary board

I proudly support Victoria “Vicki” Pemberton for the Rochelle Elementary D231 school board.... more

The spiritual practice of Lenten fasting

Having married a Catholic and now being the only Protestant in a household of six, I’ve learned a few things in the past 20 years. ... more

Consider this: Election time

It’s that time of year, again. Time to read up on the candidates that are running for local offices. ... more

Letter: Support for Goodwin for high school board

As a teacher for 24 years and a mom to two school-aged children, I proudly support Patricia Goodwin as a school board member candidate for Rochelle Township High School D212.... more

Letter: Holiday decorating may come to an end

I am a 100 percent disabled veteran on a fixed income. I currently live at the corner of 8th Avenue and 9th Street in Rochelle. Even though I have been forced to move into town, I have continued my late wife’s tradition of decorating the property during the holidays for the children.... more

A bipartisan project worthy of the Land of Lincoln

I’m teaching a class on statesmanship at Southern Illinois University this spring and one of my recurring themes is that statesmanship can take place not only on national and international stages but also in city councils, schools boards and state legislatures.... more

Service above self

Rotary International’s two official mottos are Service Above Self and One Profits Most Who Serves Best. There are many people in my life that I think of when I ponder these mottos. Two individuals who exemplify these statements in their professional work and in their volunteer efforts are recently-retired Rochelle Chief of Police Eric Higby and recently-retired Deputy Chief Terry Inman.... more

Letter: Former student in favor of Pillen for school board

When evaluating the candidates for the Rochelle Township High School District 212 school board, I can think of no one more qualified than Laurie Pillen. ... more

The push to redesign Illinois' state flag

Illinois has the ugliest flag in the union and state Sen. Doris Turner wants to do something about it. ... more

We need to restore trust in news media

Americans are politically polarized, cynical about long-respected institutions and disappointed with elected leaders at the local, state and national levels. ... more

Letter: Vote Pillen for school board

I want to talk to you about voting for Laurie Pillen for Rochelle Township High School District 212 school board. ... more

Rochelle’s election history

Lane was initially incorporated as a village in 1861. With incorporation came the need for an organized government. In 1861 Enoch Hinkley became the first president of Lane.... more

The teacher shortage from the rural perspective

No matter what report you read, the teacher shortage has gone from what we at the Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools (AIRSS) were discussing in 2015 to the harsh reality in 2023.... more

Being in a group has its advantages

Looking back on life it seems the most fun I’ve had was with others. Old high school buddies, fraternity brothers and farm bureau folk I’ve met along the way.... more

Spring at the library

March is here. We are looking forward to our beautiful daffodils and tulips peeking through the flower beds around the library. ... more