Rebate program beneficial to many

I am one of those people who save receipts from local shops to earn a credit on their local utility bill and I am not alone. As of last week, the city has granted 700 requests, amounting to $42,000 in rebates.... more


Bill bad for newspapers and communities they serve

Every year, an Illinois legislator proposes a bill to remove public notices from being published in newspapers and allow units of government to post them to their websites. They must think they are saving taxpayers money, and that newspapers no longer are relevant.... more

Series shows destructive power of Internet

I enjoy a good real crime movie or limited series. Ah yes, the limited series. A series where they take a topic that could have been told in two episodes and make it six. My wife and I recently watch one on Netflix that has a lot of people talking. It is called “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.” It is about the disappearance and death of a young woman at a notorious Los Angeles hotel.... more

Fostering families across continents

At first, Olivia Hayse received an email from a stranger in Australia that claimed he wanted to donate more than $15,000 to her Springfield employer – but first he needed their bank account and check routing numbers. “We thought this is a scam for sure and just ignored it.... more

This year not showing much improvement

What a crazy year it has been. I thought 2021 would be better but there is not much improvement yet.... more

Wrongful convictions are a persistent problem in justice system

I once spent Valentine’s Day on Illinois’ death row. This week I couldn’t help thinking about the strangest Valentine’s experience I’ve ever had. I spent February 14, 2000, in the death row visitor’s room at the Pontiac Correctional Center.... more