Dale Gilbert was a survivor

Before Pearl Harbor, some saw the need to serve. Dale Gilbert was one such warrior.... more

McDonald’s made my day

It’s 6 a.m. in Princeton, Illinois. I have a six-hour drive to Rochester, Minnesota, where the Mayo Brothers will take a look-see at my 80-year-old ticker. Some reason for stress.... more

Illinois’ ties with Cuba

As demonstrators in Havana marched through the streets this month waving U.S. flags, George Ryan sat in his Kankakee home, watched the reports on television and remembered another controversy regarding the Stars and Stripes and Cuba.... more

Have you noticed the sunsets lately?

Have you noticed the sunsets lately? The sun is a bright orange, creating some dramatic and beautiful sunsets.... more

Hector McDaniel and his amazing display of courage

Hector McDaniel graduated from Rochelle High School in 1938. In 1939, he was an apprentice seaman. In three and a half years he was a Chief Petty Officer. He was also the first Rochelle native to receive his Navy Wings. ... more

Moving forward with electric vehicles

I was wondering what the city was installing in the parking lot on Main Street at Fourth Avenue. Now I know: Electric vehicle charging stations.... more

Summer is fun at the library

Summer time is one of my favorite seasons at the library. ... more

That's entertainment

Theater in the Hub City has been a source of pride for over 140 years. Starting on the 4th of July in 1878 the Bain Opera House (323 Lincoln Highway) held its first performance with “The Madrigal Club of Chicago.”... more

How has your communication been?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about communication and what is involved for it to be effective.... more

With freedom comes responsibility

I loved watching the Rochelle fireworks display on the Fourth. Lots of bangs and flashes. I think we all missed that last year.... more