Communication technology messages

Among the four main branches of technology is communication technology. It is the phenomena that occurs when humans use tools, machines, knowledge and resources to control their environment by sending and receiving messages to other humans, or more simply to another location. ... more

New law prohibiting discrimination against pregnant workers

Are you pregnant? Are you planning to get pregnant? Are you in a relationship?... more

The worst kind of graft is perfectly legal

The worst kind of graft is perfectly legal. That’s a lesson I’ve observed in my 35 years as a journalist.... more

Summer reading and history

Summer Reading is going to be so much fun at the library! We invite all ages to come and participate in our Summer Reading Programs and “Find Your Voice, at the Library.” ... more

An ongoing American tragedy

When I read about four adults and one child being killed last month in a shooting rampage in Cleveland, Texas, I just cringed.... more

Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background as graduates will be marching down the aisle to accept their diplomas. Proud parents, family and friends crowding gymnasium bleachers or folding chairs to cheer on their loved one.... more

John W. Tilton: A man of vision

Elijah Tilton moved his family to this area from Ohio in 1852. Elijah’s son, William, farmed and at one time was postmaster of Chana. William also owned the Tilton Livery barn on the southwest corner of 4th Avenue and Main Street in Rochelle. This is the first record of the Tilton family in this community. ... more

Baseball on the radio

Mother’s Day has passed. Hope all of you mother’s out there had time to spend with your children and family; and I hope they pampered you for the day in return for the countless times you’ve pampered them. Who knows; maybe they even did the laundry by themselves!... more

Inviting Illinoisans to identify statesmanship in Prairie State

“A statesman,” said the great Prussian diplomat Otto von Bismark, “is a politician who thinks of his grandchildren.”... more

Consider this: Are we free?

Are we free? At least as much as we have desired to be free? Let’s look at the Preamble to the Constitution of The United States.... more

The censorship of school and library books

I like to read things that I disagree with.... more

Cola-Cola and two big reports

On this date in 1886 Coca-Cola was invented. One of only a few iconic American Brands left and not owned by a foreign entity.... more