City council: 15-year garbage contract extension approved

Special use permit for tattoo business approved


ROCHELLE – The Rochelle City Council unanimously approved a resolution at its Monday meeting to extend its garbage contract with Northern Illinois Waste by 15 years until Jan. 1, 2037.

The city’s current garbage pickup for residents costs $13.08 for each home and includes residential curbside weekly pickup for garbage recycling and yard waste (provided by the city). Unlimited recyclables and waste pick up are currently included along with quarterly electronic recycling pick up. 

The price per home is now $15 beginning April 1, 2022, and will be increased each year on the same date not to go below three percent and not to exceed 4 percent. This same increase will be applied to the commercial pricing per year.  

The changes for the next 15 years include every residential customer being provided one 95-gallon cart for garbage. All trash must be contained in the cart. If a resident needs extra carts they can be rented for $36 a year or purchased for $75 with a delivery fee of $25 per cart. 

The limit of trash is now whatever fits in the carts. No trash is allowed on the ground or in personal containers. Each household is allowed one bulk item per week. There will be two bulk item clean ups per year where dumpsters are provided at a city location.

There will be no more alley pick up and all trash will need to be moved to either the front or side streets. Alley pick up is “not viable” due to alleys not being equipped for newer garbage trucks. Currently the city spends $50,000 per year on alley maintenance and that will continue. The new contract will allow the city to reconstruct alleys to make them last over 20 years. 

For up to 150 residents that are handicapped and physically unable, Northern will go to the front of the house and get the cart, dump it and walk it back to the front of the house. The city will work to compile a list of addresses to route into the driver’s route.

Mike O’Malley of Northern Illinois Waste and Street Department Superintendent Tim Isley made the new contract presentation and answered questions from the council.

Tattoo business

The council unanimously approved a special use permit for a tattoo business at 507 W. 4th Ave. in downtown Rochelle. 

The petitioner, Mat Steder, said the business will be by appointment only. Steder currently is an artist at a tattoo business in Dixon. 

Sale of property

The council took no action at the meeting on an agenda item related to the sale of property at 860 S. 7th St. The offer was withdrawn by the potential purchaser. The city recently approved the marketing of the location that has been vacated by Rochelle Municipal Utilities after operations were moved to the former Johnson Tractor building that the city purchased.

Solar agreement

The council unanimously approved an interconnection agreement with Chicagoland Skydiving Center that will allow CSC to install solar panels on the roof of its facility. 

The energy produced by the panels will be a reduction in load for both CSC and the Flight Deck Bar & Grill. The excess energy produced by the array will be net metered with a credit given to CSC of $0.02195 per kWh without battery storage and $0.05470 per kWh with battery storage. If CSC has battery storage, the batteries must be configured to produce energy in frequency response/power quality mode so as to not put undue stress on RMU’s infrastructure.

Well change order

The council unanimously approved a change order for its well house four project in an additional amount not to exceed $53,581. 

The changes include additional paving, increased material pricing, additional bollards and concrete work, adding curb and gutter and changes in plumbing and electrical work. 

The original contract cost for the wellhouse was $1.39 million and the most recent change order increases it to $1.58 million. The city council packet said the project has seen many challenges and delays during construction due to supply shortages and increased cost.

Tilton Park Drive

The council unanimously approved lowering the speed limit from 30 to 20 miles per hour on Tilton Park Drive. The city has recently received concerns from residents of motorists speeding on the street.

Good news

City Manager Jeff Fiegenschuh presented a Good News award Monday to the city’s advanced communications department for its recent financial performance. Director of Advanced Communications Pat Brust accepted the award.

“We finally have turned a profit,” Fiegenschuh said. “When I came on staff the fund balance was negative $1.1 million and now we’re over $13,000. I want to commend Pat for working so hard to turn that department around. Now it’s in the black and it’s generating revenue.”

Check presentation

The city accepted a check from Kellen Bollettino from CPower Energy for $383,604.57 after the city and Americold participated in its Demand Response Program that cuts a check for reduced power use during peak hours on high power use days. Americold was the only private entity that participated, but the city hopes that more industrial customers will use the program in the future. 

The check was accepted by RMU Utilities Superintendent Adam Lanning, Director of Water/Water Reclamation Jay Mulholland and Fiegenschuh.