Crankiness is setting in


I am a little cranky this week, so pardon me.

I think it is because of the lack of human interaction…one can only watch so many “Friends” episodes.

One of the most moving moments in my life was standing among the white crosses at the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. It was there on June 6, 1944, that over 3,000 young American men were killed storming the beaches of Normandy, France.

Why did they do it?

Because they recognized the world needed to be rid of the evil sweeping Europe, the evil of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party. That evil was signified by swastikas and red flags with white circles with the dreaded swastika in the center.

Then I think of Colin Kaepernick, the one-time NFL quarterback who took a knee during the National Anthem to protest the treatment of minorities in our country.

He was vilified by politicians, veterans groups, television commentators — all yelling about the lack of respect he was showing for our country.

You would think people marching down the street in any American city carrying Nazi flags would get the same response.

Instead, all you hear are crickets. One person even said there were nice people protesting.

Nice people don’t walk around carrying Nazi flags and wearing swastikas. Nice people don’t parade the Confederate flag. Nice people don’t have military grade weapons slung over their shoulders.

Except for Michigan’s governor…nothing. Just crickets. 

Carrying those symbols is akin to spitting on the graves of every veteran who served this country.

In my opinion, if an elected official does not condemn those “protestors’ they don’t deserve anyone’s vote.

And please, if you think what they are doing is ok,  don’t criticize Colin Kaepernick ever again.

Somehow, I think those buried in France would also take offense at the Nazi flag wavers.


I contacted Rochelle City Hall to order a $15 yard sign supporting front line workers. Half the proceeds go to the Rochelle Christian Food Pantry and the other half help the Rochelle Retail Advisory Board promote shopping locally. Contact city hall for orders.


A shout out to Rochelle Mayor John Bearrows for his bi-weekly Facebook talks. He has presented great information in an easy going, understandable format.  Thanks for the updates, Mr. Mayor.

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