Insight sought on first responder post-retirement career choices 


ELGIN — Firefighting and law enforcement professionals typically retire at a younger age than those in other lines of work, and a new survey is attempting to gather more information on the topic to assist future retirees.

The Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA) is asking retired police and fire personnel to visit and take the survey before Jan. 4, 2021. The organization hopes the survey will help to better determine how many of these public safety employees work following their police or fire retirements, the types of jobs these retirees take, and how long they keep their post-retirement employment. 

“Because fire and police retirement ages are justifiably younger than workers in other pension plans, greater opportunity exists for these individuals to work full or part time during the early years of retirement,” said IPPFA President James McNamee. “The survey goal is to put together an information piece and training material to assist future retirees.”

The IPPFA will incorporate the survey data into future training sessions and modules in its Psfit educational program.

There are more than 12,000 retired firefighters and 21,000 retired law enforcement professionals in Illinois. 

The IPPFA was founded in 1985 as a not-for-profit organization whose mandate was to educate public pension fund trustees. In 2009 the IPPFA became the primary education provider for public pension fund trustees in the state of Illinois, and its members manage more than $18 billion in pension assets.