Never too young to be a hero


ROCHELLE — Heroes come in all sizes and are of all ages. But a 5-year-old? That’s one brave little man.

Last week Kamdyn Mickley was spending time with his grandfather in Rochelle when his mom got a FaceTime call from him.

“You have to call the ambulance, Papa fell down and can’t get up,” Kamdyn told his Mom, Marissa Mickley. Then he showed her on the phone and Mickley saw that her dad was lying helpless on the floor, and Kamdyn kept repeating to her that she had to call an ambulance.

“He kept telling me I needed to call an ambulance, but to do that I had to get off the phone with him,” Mickley said, adding how hard it was to hang up on Kamdyn so she could get her dad the help he needed.

Between calling 911 from where she was in Dixon and calling her family, help arrived quickly for her dad and Kamdyn.

“He did a really good thing … he even put a pillow under his head and tried to move him, but he told her ‘Papa’s too heavy, I can’t pick him up,’” Mickley said.

Before long it was determined that her dad, Kevin Mickley, had suffered a stroke and was airlifted from Rochelle Community Hospital to a Rockford hospital where he’s currently recovering and doing “much better.”