November brings gratitude


During the month of November, many of us take the time to reflect on what the year has brought. What are we thankful for? What makes us appreciative of the things we do? What are we most proud of and what makes us feel this way?

At the Rochelle Area Community Foundation (RACF) we have the privilege of seeing gratitude through the power of philanthropy. When a family or individual works with RACF, whether it be opening a new endowment fund, establishing a reoccurring gift, finalizing estate plans or supporting an existing fund, it is the good the donor feels in return that makes every gift one that fills a heart with gratitude. 

When a donor is able to support their community, the same community that has supported them and their families throughout the years – gratitude. When a donor sees their monetary gift reinvested in the community, helping those in need, supporting area nonprofits and in some cases memorializing their loved ones – gratitude.

RACF extends our sincerest gratitude to donors, the community, our nonprofit partners and our board members throughout this past year. We are incredibly grateful for the generous gifts made, enriching the community. We invite you to make a donation to the Rochelle Area Community Foundation in honor of something or someone you’re proud of this year.

If you would like to learn more about making a donation or establishing an endowment fund through the RACF, please call me at 815-561-3600 or send an email to

Emily Anaya is the executive director of the Rochelle Area Community Foundation.