Plenty of reasons to vote for Kinzinger


Dear Editor,

It seems like a lifetime ago, but this past February I was in a packed room at the Dixon Elks for the Lee County Reagan Day Dinner. 

I was fortunate enough to see Congressman Adam Kinzinger give an inspirational, uplifting, moving address that brought the crowd to their feet. A common phrase I heard from other attendees that night described his address as remarks from a Statesman.  

As a voter in the 16th District I walked away that night with my belief that Congressman Kinzinger clearly represents the interests and values of the majority of voters in the district.  As a voter in the 16th District I will be voting for Adam Kinzinger on Nov. 3. 

During his time in Congress, Adam Kinzinger has fought back against propaganda and the unfair trade practices of the Chinese Communist Government. He’s had legislative victories that delivered much needed rural broadband benefiting Lee County. Kinzinger has delivered much needed funding to fight the opioid crisis and treat those addicted. Congressman Kinzinger is a consistent supporter of Agriculture (the backbone of Lee County) and the family farm.  

Most importantly – Adam Kinzinger is a leader who fights for this district and the country we love.  And right now, we need proven leaders like Adam – and not the unproven – fighting for us in the U.S. 

Lirim Mimini