RCH Foundation Board: McLachlan hopes to raise awareness

‘Nobody thinks about it until they need it. And then you appreciate it’


ROCHELLE — Will McLachlan joined the Rochelle Community Hospital Foundation Board in early 2020. 

The Edward Jones financial advisor moved to town with his family in 2019 and had a desire to get involved and be part of the community. The RCH Foundation was how he chose to do that.  

“The foundation is really big on helping improve the hospital for the community,” McLachlan said. “Thankfully, I don't know much about healthcare. That's why I like it. Now I can see all the ins and outs of what it takes to run a hospital and how important it is to a small community. Nobody thinks about it until they need it. And then you appreciate it. The foundation needs to spread the realization of how we should all be thankful for having that healthcare facility right there in town."

The foundation board’s goal is to help raise donations to the hospital and then use that money to benefit it and, in turn, the community. McLachlan said he enjoys seeing how many of RCH’s employees donate to the foundation. 

Foundation donations are put to various uses including when nurses need class work for certification or issuing grants to patients with medical cost needs. 

“I wanted to learn more about healthcare and thought it was a good opportunity to do that,” McLachlan said. “It made me thankful for RCH. It's worked out perfectly. It's so good for the community. Being a small business owner, a better community is better for me too. It all comes full circle."

McLachlan wants more people to be aware of the hospital and wants people to remember RCH when they have some extra funds or want to donate to a cause. 

“Because we need your help to keep this thing going,” McLachlan said. “We're here to support the community. But it's important that we help each other. The hospital, healthcare, everything is expensive. It's expensive to build and maintain a facility. But we're thankful when we need it. That's where donating to the hospital can go a long way. If everybody gives a little bit, that adds up and it can really help."