Rochelle, Ogle County residents come out for Election Day

60.4 percent of Ogle County voters turnout for midterms


OGLE COUNTY — During Tuesday’s midterm elections in Ogle County as a whole, 19,327 ballots were cast out of 32,022 total voters for a 60.4 percent turnout.

One Ogle County Board race (third district), which includes Rochelle precincts,  was contested and the three winners were Daniel C. Miller, Austin J. Gillis and Joseph C. Simms over Guillermo Martinez, Lloyd Droege and Robert Snow. 

In another Rochelle-area race in the fourth district of the Ogle County Board, David Williams, Skip Kenney and Jackie Ramsey were elected to seats.

Elected in the first district of the Ogle County Board were Ricky Fritz, Zachary S. Oltmanns and Benjamin P. Youman. Elected in the second district were Patricia Nordman, Wayne Reising and Tom Smith.

Elected in the fifth district of the county board were Bruce Larson, Don Griffin and Dan Janes. Ryan Reeverts, Steven Huber and Jeff Billeter were elected in the sixth district.

Stan Asp, John Finfrock and Dean Fox were elected to seats in the seventh district. Lyle Hopkins, Susie Corbitt and Marcia Heuer were elected to eighth district seats.

Brian VanVickle ran unopposed for reelection as sheriff and received 16,277 votes Tuesday. County Clerk & Recorder Laura J. Cook ran unopposed for reelection as well, earning 16,506 votes Tuesday. Tiffany O’Brien ran unopposed as treasurer and was elected with 16,174 votes.

State races

Voters statewide re-elected Gov. JB Pritzker by a 54.2 percent margin. Ogle County voters were in favor of challenger Darren Bailey by a 63.94 percent margin in local polls.

Tammy Duckworth was re-elected as United States Senator with 56.1 percent of state votes. Her challenger, Kathy Salvi was favored by Ogle County with 62.85 percent of votes locally.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul was re-elected with 54 percent of the vote. Ogle County voters were in favor of Tom DeVore for that position with 66.84 percent.

Former local representative Tom Demmer fell short in his bid for state treasurer against Michael Frerichs, receiving 44 percent of votes statewide. Demmer received 69.28 percent of the Ogle County vote.

U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood was the winner in the Illinois 16th Congressional District over Democratic challenger Elizabeth Haderlein. 68.4 percent of Ogle County residents voted for LaHood.

Illinois voters approved an amendment to the state constitution that would guarantee the right to bargain collectively. 54.7 percent of Ogle County voters were against that measure.