Scavenger hunt continues


ROCHELLE – The Rochelle Scavenger Hunt Facebook page is hosting a window decorating project as a fun and safe way for families in the area to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. 

 The stay-at-home order is no longer in effect and the weather is getting warmer, but individuals are still encouraged to continue practicing social distancing guidelines. These changes have many families in the area looking for both fun and safe outdoor activities.

The Rochelle Scavenger Hunt Facebook page is doing a window decorating event throughout the entire month of July with each week featuring a different theme. Families decorate their window according to the theme and then go around town looking for other decorated windows. 

When an individual sees one that he or she likes, he or she is encouraged to take a photo and post it to the Rochelle Scavenger Hunt Facebook page. Then, people can check the Facebook page periodically to see if anybody posted a photo of their window and decorations. 

“It is just something to keep the kids busy since there is not a whole lot open and not a whole lot to do,” said Heather Simo, creator and administrator of the Rochelle Scavenger Hunt Facebook page. “The rest of the fun is going out, finding other decorated windows and posting a picture. If you see one you like, take a photo and share it because the kid that put it up will be tickled to death.”


The theme for the first week of July was anything Americana to celebrate the Fourth of July such as flags, stars or stripes. The schedule for the remainder of the month is as follows: July 5-11 is hearts, July 12-18 is rainbows, July 19-25 is anything sea life and July 26 through Aug. 2 is at the beach. 

The Rochelle Scavenger Hunt Facebook page currently has just under 400 members and continues to grow each day. Simo would like to thank the community for its support and participation in this scavenger hunt and any more that may be held in the future. 

“I really appreciate everyone that has participated in the scavenger hunt; I hope to keep it going and see it continue to grow,” Simo said.