Seal coat project approved in Creston


CRESTON – A question about assistance connecting to the village water main was brought before the Creston Village Board Tuesday night.
Creston resident Tonya Sarver addressed the board asking for their help connecting to the main water line. The main line is located near Holcomb Bank and is going to be connected to The Moose Knuckle, a new business her and her husband are opening near the bank. Village president Wayne Williams said that he plans to fully support the Sarvers bringing a new business to town.
“You are a new business coming to town, so I am under the mindset of helping you get it up and running,” said Williams.
At last month’s meeting, the board considered raising the water and sewer rates by 3 percent annually; however, during Tuesday’s meeting the board considered also raising some of the fees included on the bill as well.
Board members would like the village treasurer Penny Payton to do more research into if that is necessary as they are hesitant on raising the water and sewer rates without having the justification of why they did so.

Payton will present more research and a decision will be made at next month’s meeting.
Last month, the board asked village engineer Kevin Bunge to procure quotes on the price of a water tower inspection, since the village water tower is overdue for inspection. Tuesday night he presented two quotes to the board ranging from $2,100 to $3,000 depending if the company used a machine or sent a diver into the tank. Price also differed if the company was able to choose its own schedule or if the village chose a specific date.
A motion was passed by the board to accept the quote from Liquid Engineering to send a diver into the tower to inspect and clean it if necessary. The village will give Liquid Engineering 40 days to choose a day of their choice and to not exceed $5,000 for the total cost.
Bunge will also present quotes for a new transfer switch and backup power generator for the wells at next month’s meeting.
New business
Board members passed two motions to move forward with new seal coating project and engineering agreements. The project involving laying new tar and chips, will include portions of the road south of the railroad tracks, including Woodlawn Road. Parts of Main Street from Cederholm street to Illinois Route 38 will also be included.
The first motion was a new enforcement from the Illinois Department of Transportation that the village has an agreement with on the amount they are going to pay for the project.
The second motion was a Motor Fuel Tax resolution that needed to be passed in order to spend the MFT funds within the State of Illinois.
Both motions were passed, and the board is expecting the project to begin sometime this summer.
During the monthly board meeting Tuesday night, village board trustees Mike Misch, Tom Byro and Steve Katzman were not in attendance.