Supporting your local newspaper

Terry Dickow
Posted 5/3/21

This is a commercial for your local newspaper.

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Supporting your local newspaper


This is a commercial for your local newspaper.

Yes, the one you are reading right now. I know I am preaching to the choir, but maybe you can pass my message on to others who don’t read the paper.

I am always surprised when people say things to me like: Rochelle has a theater group? Rochelle has a museum? There is a new restaurant downtown? The high school did an on line play for free?

The answer to all of those questions has been in the newspaper.

A new business opening? Chances are you will read it in the Rochelle News-Leader.

It frustrates me when people don’t know what is happening around town. If they subscribe to the paper, they will learn a lot more about their community.

End of commercial

Be prepared for heavy traffic on I-39 starting Monday. Bridgework over Kilbuck Creek will put the road in one lane each direction. If you go to Rockford a lot, you might want to add a little extra time or find a different route.

Construction zones scare me. I have read about accidents where traffic has stopped and a car or truck comes barreling into the halted vehicles.

We all need to slow down in construction zones and be extra aware of what is happening on the road ahead of us.

Know about zippers and lane closures?  

Highway experts say you should not merge to the left or right until the lane ends. Then each car should take a turn, like teeth on a zipper. I think the state has put up signs on 39 in the past encouraging motorists not to move over until near lane closures.

Speaking of construction, it should not be long before Hickory Grove falls to the wrecking ball. The sooner it is cleared, the better it will be for finding a developer for the land.

I will feel sorry for the residents of the tower, because they could be in for a noisy summer.

Not sure what is wrong with me, but I have not been on my bicycle yet. Hopefully by this time next week I will have done some riding on the bike path. I wonder if the lilacs along 20th Street will be blooming. I just love their smell. If you see an old guy on a bike with his nose in the bushes, that could be me.

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