The area needs affordable child care

Terry Dickow
Posted 2/25/22

The Rochelle area needs affordable child care.

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The area needs affordable child care


The Rochelle area needs affordable child care.

We have needed it since the child care center shut down, almost two years ago.

The key phrase is affordable. If you are making $15 an hour, that amounts to $600 a week. But if child care is costing you $200 a week, it may be hard to make all the ends meet.

The Kishwaukee YMCA has the former child care center up for sale. The asking price is just a bit shy of $400,000. I don’t know how much the Y paid for the center, but my guess is it was not close to $400,000.

It seems like a natural match, but that $400,000 could be a major sticking point. Hopefully Rochelle officials can find a suitable site and help someone start a new child care center that will benefit all people in the area.

Why Rochelle?

Last week I asked what you would say to an industry leader looking to locate in Rochelle.  Several people said great transportation. Dale Meyers said the number one reason would be to make money. Both are great reasons.

Thank you

Rochelle is lucky to have a community newspaper. Twice each week you get to read about high school sports, who died, who got arrested and what merchants are offering great deals.

Your paper provides information on what the council and various boards are doing so you don’t have to attend the meetings. It’s not an easy job. Meetings run late, people complain about what you write, and sometimes boards just don’t want to let you know what they are doing.

The pandemic hit papers all over the country. With restaurants closed, advertising dropped. Businesses cut advertising because revenue dropped. It is a vicious cycle.

I came to Rochelle in 1970. Millie Stansbury was editor, Ken Wise the publisher and we had a staff of three plus a sportswriter from the high school. George O’Brien ran the back shop and he ran a tight ship.

We did not have computers. Everything was typed, edited in blue, sent to the back shop for setting and then the pages were proofed. It was a time-consuming process and I misspelled a fair share of names.

I tell you that to stress that all papers are embedded in their communities, doing a service, providing information.  Papers need your support.

For the past four years I have been doing a column for this paper. I comment mostly on local happenings.  

I have complimented the city for programs, criticized the state for Illinois Route 38, griped about people not wearing masks or getting vaccinated during a pandemic….and you, the reader, have mostly put up with my liberal tendencies.

But there are only so many things I can say, and about five months ago I began to run out of things. Instead of looking forward to writing a column, I dreaded it. 

So, this is my last column. Maybe for a month, maybe six months, maybe forever.

Thank you for all the good words you have said, and Erin, I even thank you for wishing I would stick my comments where the sun doesn’t shine and get out of town.

It has been a pleasure writing for all of you.

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