The Sox’s stars are ascending


Ever since I was a 10-year-old Cubs fan growing up near Wrigley Field, I dreamt of an all Chicago World Series.
Sure, I wanted the boys in blue to go every year, but the talent was not there. The Sox had more success, but not much.
Karma told me this is the year. Why? Because no one can go to the games at Wrigley or Guaranteed Rate Field. No one can root, root, root for the home team in person.Making it even more karmaesque is the series is being played in Texas. Might as well be Mars.
Unless there is a miracle, or a rebirth of bats, my favorite team will not make it. The window that was so wide open in 2016 will almost be shut.
The White Sox? Their stars are ascending. I see several good seasons ahead for the South Siders. I hope they can take advantage of  their open window.
I went to visit some old friends at Skare Park this week. I love oak trees. There is a grove of them at Skare just east of the driving range. An impressive tree, the mighty oak is. But the storm of 2014 took its toll and a couple were damaged, and they have been cut down. Three of the group remain.

I liked to see new oaks have been planted. In the future, people will a marvel at those trees and the foresight people had to plant them.
As a side note, when I was teaching, my class would go to the park for our end of year picnic. Kids loved to go inside an old tree that had rotted out on the inside. Two or sometimes three kids could squeeze into it while other kids laughed and waited their turn.
I have never stood inside a tree. I would love to do that, but with my girth it would have to be a redwood.
The tree the students stood inside is gone now.  Again, age and nature meant it needed to go because I imagine it became a safety issue.
Fire Prevention Week is the week containing Oct. 8.  
A major fire occurred that day, one that cost thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of buildings.
It was described as a fire storm.
Hope you know the name of this fire…if you don’t, I will reveal it next week.
It’s not what you think.

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