Watching the Hickory Grove progress

Terry Dickow
Posted 2/4/22

Every day I try to drive by the Hickory Grove complex to watch the progress.

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Watching the Hickory Grove progress


Every day I try to drive by the Hickory Grove complex to watch the progress.  

There seems to be a lot of the building down already. I can’t even tell where the multi-purpose room/theater was because that is all in rubble.

Time moves on. While the place provided good memories, it will be nice to see a new structure that is better suited for the needs of the community.

RV park

I like the city’s plans for an RV park near the airport. It may not happen overnight, but it is good the city is looking to create one. Once upon a time, when I was on the park board, there was some thought of putting a small RV park at Lake Sule, but the area was not big enough to accommodate enough RVs to make it work. That would have been a good location too.


Notice how the snow seems to be missing us? It’s like the rains the past year or two….east, west, north, south but not on us. That is concerning because the snow provides moisture for the seeds and plants in the spring.  

I have friends in Missouri and Tennessee and they have had lots of snow this year. I am not a climatologist, but I tend to believe the scientists when they say we have climate warming issues. That does not always mean our climate is getting warmer, but that climates are changing.  

Yes, we have gone through warm periods and cold periods and the Earth has had ice ages and years of drought. It is a cycle. But if we are creating an unnatural cycle by the way we live, then maybe we need to figure out different ways of doing things to slow down that unnatural change.


This has to be a bad winter for snowmobile owners in the area. There has not been a lot of snow to consistently get out and ride. I foolishly predicted a major storm for us in late January, but that storm missed us by several miles. We will get a heavy snow. It’s just a matter of time. When it happens, I hope snowmobilers don’t ride on the recreation path or in the parks. Those areas are off limits for snowmobiles and ATVs.


Snowy owls may be in the area. Keep your eye out for these beautiful Canadian visitors. Unlike the geese, owls will soon leave.

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