Have you noticed the sunsets lately?

Terry Dickow
Posted 7/23/21

Have you noticed the sunsets lately? The sun is a bright orange, creating some dramatic and beautiful sunsets.

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Have you noticed the sunsets lately?


Have you noticed the sunsets lately?  The sun is a bright orange, creating some dramatic and beautiful sunsets.

But that beauty should be a cause for concern.

Fires out west are sending smoke clouds across the rest of the country, even to New York City. Our skies were hazy on several recent days, and at times you could even detect a slight smell of burning wood in the air.

Huge fires are burning in Oregon and California, threatening communities and destroying forests. Smaller fires are burning in other western states. Fires are burning in the Siberian tundra, massive rainfalls triggered deadly flooding in Europe, drought is causing famine in parts of Africa, huge chunks of Greenland have fallen into the ocean.

We are dry in the Rochelle area. Rains don’t seem to be as plentiful as we would like.

Some scientists are pointing a finger at global climate change. It used to be called global warming, but climate change seems to be the more accurate term.

I have always felt that if we can do what needs to be done to lessen our impact on the world, we should do it.  

Yes, the Earth does go through these cycles, but scientists point out the climate is changing at a more rapid rate than ever before. No asteroids or massive volcanic eruptions causing havoc this time; just people.

As Pogo said, “We have met the emery and he is us.”

Project Jackpot

I’m still wondering what is going in the former Nippon Sharyo plant on the south side. An electric vehicle plant?  Battery plant?  Railcar builder?  Maybe a factory that produces blades for wind turbines?  

In any case, I am hoping we learn more sooner than later.

Community events

Last weekend’s Sip and Shop event in downtown Rochelle seemed to be pretty popular. Central Bank organized it and it helped bring potential customers to businesses, which is a good thing for everyone.

Speaking of good things for everyone, I am part of the Rochelle Area Community Foundation and helped out at the annual Play Day at Fairways recently.

Perfect weather, good food and lots of people helping to support the foundation.

Again, look around. Rochelle has a lot going on! From the smaller weekly and the larger end of the month street markets sponsored by Cypress House, twice monthly markets in Creston, golf outings, community theater offerings, band concerts in the park, swimming at Spring Lake, hot dog days….there is something for everyone.

Why not get involved?

Terry Dickow can be contacted at terrydickow@gmail.com