Illinois out of the running for Toyota-Mazda facility

News came early Wednesday afternoon that the state is not a finalist.

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  • Jail time for part in home invasion

    A man involved in a home invasion last October has plead guilty in Ogle County court and was sentenced Monday.

  • Five more years for HUB Project

    Rochelle Elementary District 231 Superintendent Todd Prusator announced Tuesday the district would once again receive 21st Century grant money for the five-year program. Breynn Baiocco will continue serving as site coordinator at Lincoln School and May School, while Yensy Garcia will remain the site coordinator of Central School.

  • Hillcrest Village Hall new hours

    Effective Nov. 1, Hillcrest Village Hall will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Solar electricity class being held

    Anyone interested in installing solar units at home invited to attend.

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More than the three R's

Reading, writing, and robotics? The HUB Project offers assistance with homework as well as activities designed to be fun and educational. For the past few weeks, several Rochelle Middle School students have been immersed in the field of robotics.

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Nursing home plan sparks debate

Emotions ran the gamut Thursday at a public hearing held at Spring Lake Marina over a proposed new nursing and rehab facility in Rochelle.

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Helping area kids stay warm this winter season

With the winter season around the corner, one local organization is making sure youngsters in need stay warm.

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Mating time is here, don’t veer for deer

Autumn brings shorter days, cooler temperatures and a new set of driving habits for Illinois motorists. The Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois Department of Natural Resources warn drivers to be vigilant during mating season as deer will be more active and visible throughout the state. The risk for deer vs. vehicle crashes greatly increases in October, November and December, especially at dusk and dawn.

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Vickrey elected vice chairman of board at First State Bank

Tri County Financial Group, Inc. (TYFG), the parent company of First State Bank, just announced that Bob Vickrey has been elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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