Impressed with League of Women Voters

Terry Dickow
Posted 4/16/21

The Rochelle League of Women Voters has always been a group that has impressed me.

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Impressed with League of Women Voters


The Rochelle League of Women Voters has always been a group that has impressed me.

From sponsoring candidate forums to discussions on issues affecting all of us, The League has given all of us the opportunity to learn about an issue. They don’t endorse candidates, but do endorse ideas, like fair map proposals or term limits.

Years ago, it was not uncommon to go to a governmental meeting and find a League representative there, watching to be sure local governments were operating openly and legally.

But times have changed and the Rochelle League of Women Voters is running into some tough going. Membership is down and, truthfully, it is aging. There are not enough people to fill some board positions and the group has broached the topic of disbanding.

I think that would be a loss for Rochelle and a loss for educating the public on issues important in our lives.

Any organization needs a blood transfusion from time to time. New people take on the roles vacated by long time members.  

Despite the name, the group is not just for women. I am a member, although I am not very active in the group. 

You may have noticed over the past few years some groups like the Rochelle Women’s Club and the Rochelle Garden Club have gone out of existence. Service clubs have also felt the pinch of aging memberships and the lack of young blood in the ranks. Covid-19 has not helped, either.

If you want to learn more about how government functions, issues of the day, how we can become better citizens, the League of Women Voters is for you.

You can contact current co-presidents Eileen Liezert or Rebecca Huntley or you can email me and I will pass on your interest.

I have always had a problem with recognizing people. I never thought I could confuse Elvis with John Wayne … but I did. John Wayne is still around, but Elvis has literally left the building.

I love the Community Action Network (CAN) food truck festival that will be next Saturday, April 24. I always find something delicious to bring home for lunch. The trucks set up in the city parking lot at Fourth Avenue and Main Street with sales running from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. But get there early. I have gone some years and been disappointed when a vendor was already sold out of delicious, hunger-satisfying goodies.

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