Last of the snow

Terry Dickow
Posted 3/12/21

Weather wise, this was a great week.

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Last of the snow


Weather wise, this was a great week.

Temperatures in the 50s or 60s, the mountain of snow at the end of my driveway is almost gone.

In fact, snow is hard to find anywhere except under trees or in ditches.
Imagine being in parts of Colorado this weekend.

The forecast Thursday called for parts of Colorado to get up to 60 inches of snow. One forecaster even went out on a limb and said 92 inches. When I read that, I thought it was a mistake or a joke. The forecast has since been revised. How far? Well, some areas of Colorado could get 15 inches and other areas 60. That’s a lot of snow.

Western parts of Kansas could get as much as 32 inches from this late storm that is forecasted to come through.

I imagine it will impact us eventually. Hopefully it will be a more typical weather system for us.


Water is on my mind lately. Some people say water is on my brain all the time. They could be right.

The city council in Joliet recently voted to begin the process of buying water from Chicago. It seems Joliet officials are concerned that the water table is dropping faster than expected and there could be a point in the next 10 years when the city cannot pump enough water from municipal wells to meet its needs.

Other cities are also looking at the possibility of tapping into Chicago water, which comes from Lake Michigan.

I think we take water for granted. It is always there for us, but will it be in 100 years?
The Great Lakes need protection against polluters because they provide drinking water for millions of people. Safe water is essential for all of us and state and federal governments need to be vigilant in protecting that supply, whether it is on the surface or underground.
We can’t make water. But we can destroy it by polluting it.


I have been using the walking track at The Rec Center. It is a nicely cushioned surface for my aging knees and hips.

The place has been pretty busy, but I suspect with warmer weather there will be less ball teams practicing and fewer walkers, as they take to the outdoor recreation path.
If you have not been in yet, stop in and ask for a tour. My guess is someone will be happy to show you around…and sign you up for a membership.

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