Letter: Thank you, Mrs. Anonymous. You’re the best.


Dear Editor,

The other day, while in my driveway, a jogger stopped by and asked if I was still collecting bottle caps for the RTHS Key Club bench program.

I told him we are complete for this year’s project, however I will still collect for the coming year. He left me with two small bags. Then, low and behold, a lady stopped in her car and asked if I was still collecting caps.

I said yes. And she gave me more bottle caps. Then she asked how the program works.

I explained that it is a youth program by ABC Plastics in Evansville, Indiana. Students can collect, sort, clean, bag, weigh and manifest the caps before transporting them to Evansville.

For example, a six-foot bench with a back takes 200 caps and $250 each.

The lady that stopped by my house then said she wanted to pay for the bench. I responded that it wasn’t necessary. She then drove across the street to the middle school parking lot.

After a few minutes, she came back to my driveway. She explained that her mother enjoyed doing good and saving bottle caps was a great project during the pandemic.

She handed me a check for $250 and wanted to keep it anonymous.

So you see, what a wonderful city we live in. Go Hubs Key Club!

Thank you, Mrs. Anonymous. You’re the best.

P.S. the collection container is back in my driveway.

Dennis Swinton, Rochelle.